List: Infant & Toddler Costume Ideas for Halloween

Are you still looking for that perfect Halloween costume idea for your little one? Then check out this selection of infant and toddler costumes for boys and girls. Today we have selected some of our favorite costumes for babies and toddlers. From bears and clowns to cows and pop culture characters, you will find lots of costume ideas here to go trick-or-treating with your child this year.

1 Hulk Toddler Costume

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This cute costume will make your toddler look like The Hulk. The costume consists of a jumpsuit with muscle torso and half-cap mask. With the popularity of Marvel's Avengers superheroes as popular as ever, this is a fun choice for little hero fans.

2 Infant Cow Costume Onesie Outfit for Halloween

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This cute baby cow jumper has a darling black and white all-over pattern. The cow costume includes a hood with cute cow snout, ears, and short horns. The cow look is complete with pink belly and cow tail at the back.

3 Darling Baby Panda Bear Halloween Costume Jumpsuit

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Give your infant a darling wild animal look with this popular and high quality  black and white panda bear costume featuring cute panda head with rounded ears on the hood, and darling little white tail at the rear. This fluffy romper has a zip closure for ease of dressing and undressing.

4 Super Cute Little Fox Onesie Costume for Babies

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Watch out for this little fox!  This adorable animal jumpsuit for infants and toddlers will make your baby look like a sly little forest creature! The orange jumpsuit includes a fox hood with triangle ears and a white-tufted orange tail at the rear.

5 Baby Infant Polar Bear Costume

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Your baby will look perfect in this adorable white fur jumpsuit with matching headpiece. This polar bear outfit will make a great Halloween costume!

6 Extra Cute Little Piggie Jumpsui Costume

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Teach your little one to snort and say "oink" with this cute pink onesie costume for a fun time trick-or-treating on Halloween! The hooded jumpsuit includes fun details like a snout and cute ears on the hood and a white belly on the overall pink suit.

7 Cute Tiger Cat Toddler Costume

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This baby tiger costume is a soft plush one piece jumpsuit with long sleeves and legs. The hood has a cute tiger face and the onesie includes a white belly and a long striped tiger tail.

8 Cuddly Clown Toddler Costume

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When your little one wants to clown around, what better costume for them to wear than this one! Lined zippered jumpsuit, with attached pom-pom, hat with pom-poms plus slip-on booties.

9 Yoda or Grogu Halloween Costume for Babies and Toddlers

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The Force has guided you to this Yoda costume. Do well with it, and it shall bring you many rewards.Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? This is cute for fans of the original series and Jedi Master Yoda, but also works well as a toddler Grogu costume for fans of the Mandalorian and his Child.

10 Pink Little Cute Monster Costume

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This adorable little monster costume is a great way to easily dress up your little one this year so they can participate in all the festivities! All the other kids will be jealous of this 1-piece, brightly colored costume.

11 Bear Toddler Costume

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This cute costume will transform your little bear into a real bear.

12 Monsters Inc Infant Mike Wazowski Costume

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Before your child can join Monsters Inc., he's going to have to spruce up his scaring technique at the university!

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