Ten Fun Food Children's Halloween Costumes

Here are some fun, funny and easy food-themed Halloween costumes for children. What fun would it be to go out and trick-or-treat as your favorite snack? Parents wearing the Spoon & Fork Couples Costume we featured previously will have a lot of fun when the kids are dressed as food!

1 Child Tootsie Roll Costume

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Hopefully the candy-hander-outers get the hint when you wear your favorite candy brand when out trick-or-treating this Halloween!

2 Child Carrot Halloween Costume

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You could go as candy, or you could go as a healthy snack. I know which one mom would prefer. This is an easy one-piece costume of crunchy orange deliciousness.

3 Kid's Cheeseburger Halloween Costume

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This is a fun realistic printed foam cheeseburger tunic costume. Note that the print is only on the front. Wear this with some brown tights and grab your French Fry bestie for a fun time trick-or-treating this Halloween!

4 French Fries Kid Costume

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Do you want fries with that? Even though this is a child-sized costume, that little package of fries looks pretty super-sized to us. Pair this tunic with some red or black tights or pants for an easy costume idea.

5 Kid's Pepperoni Pizza Slice Halloween Costume

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One cheese costume, with extra pepperoni, please. This funny tunic is an easy Halloween choice for trick-or-treating this year. Wear over any clothes to be ready for whatever weather comes your way this October 31st.

6 Children's Banana Halloween Costume

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Go as a tasty superfruit this Halloween! This is a one-piece slip-over foam costume. Also doubles as a Banana Stand clerk uniform.

7 Kid's Chocolate Chip Cookie Halloween Costume

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If you are what you eat, there are surely some cookies walking among us, especially in the under-12 set. This easy costume is a comfortable cookie tunic.

8 Child's Funny Ice Cream Cone Halloween Costume

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Who doesn't love ice cream? No one, that's who. And that's who won't love your funny Halloween costume this year when you dress up as a tasty soft-serve ice cream cone.

9 Movie Popcorn Box Halloween Costume for Kids

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This fun costume is a cute printed tunic that makes you look like an old-fashioned box of movie popcorn!  This cute costume comes with a funny popcorn headpiece. A fun costume for girls or boys.

10 Child's Taco Halloween Costume

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This funny costume tunic is an easy pick for Halloween. Go dressed up as a fully loaded taco torilla, filled with lettuce, meat, and cheese. Great, now I'm hungry. Who wants Mexican for dinner?

SpongeBob SquarePants Cosplay Costumes for Halloween

The first SpongeBob Squarepants series for Nickelodeon made its debut in 1999. Its popularity remains today with a wide theatrical release, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, in 2015, a Broadway musical in 2017, and two brand new spinoff series hitting airwaves in 2021.

If you've got a family full of SpongeBob fans, dress up as the gang from Bikini Bottom with easy, complete, and affordable Halloween costumes. Find character outfits for the whole family -- including your four-legged friend!

1 Adult SpongeBob SquarePants Tunic Costume

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This is an easy to wear costume for adults. The tunic costume is made to fit most. Wear the shoe covers to make your feet look perfectly cartoonish. Does not include pants -- wear your own!

2 Inflatable SpongeBob SquarePants Costume for Adults

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This fun inflatable costume gives the wearer some of the bulky shape of the title character. The inflatable top portion of the costume comes with a fan to keep shape and comfortable. You'll be looking out of SpongeBob's mouth in this costume.

3 Kids Inflatable SpongeBob SquarePants Costume

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This inflatable costume for kids has a traditional style. Keep cool and comfortable in your inflated outfit with the onboard fan. In this case the wearer will be looking out through SpongeBob's big eyes.

4 SpongeBob SquarePants Kids Hooded Coverall Costume

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Here's another easy to wear costume. The one-piece jumpsuit or coverall has a front zipper enclosure like a set of long-legged pajamas. Put the yellow hood up for comfort and warmth.

5 Women's SpongeBob Character Patrick Dress

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This cute Patrick costume dress for women includes matching pink knee socks and long pink gloves.

6 Child SpongeBob SquarePants Tunic Costume

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This square SquarePants costume is easy to wear. You can match this with almost anything underneath, so you can be ready for trick-or-treating in cold weather, hot weather, or anything in between.

7 Patrick Star Infant Onesie Costume

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This adorable onesie costume will turn your baby into a Star! The pink outfit has easy snap closure and includes the fun Patrick face, overtall hood.

8 SpongeBob Costume with Jumbo Mask

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This fun costume is easy to wear -- you'll get printed jumpsuit and matching socks. The 3D headpiece mask is easy to don and doff so you'll be comfortable all day and into your trick-or-treating.

Even More Bird Masks! Forage for Fun This Halloween: Go As Birds!

Dressing up as a bird is easy with a quality, realistic, comfortable latex bird mask. These masks are all inspired by real bird species and make a great start to an easy costume. Wear appropriately colored clothing to copy the bird's real plumage for a great look this Halloween. 

We've featured bird masks before, both in Fly Like a Bird and Flock of Bird Masks!

Again I'm using my skills as an avid birder to rate these masks. I'll give you some clothing ideas to match the masks, too.

Peacock Full Face Mask / Indian Peafowl

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This peacock mask looks fantastic, with good coloration and facial features. The feather tuft coming out the back is a nice touch. To make a complete costume, pair a blue skinsuit or leotard with a peacock-print cape. You'll be trick-or-treating for a huge variety of snacks, including bugs, seeds, berries, lizards, and more.

Blue-and-gold Macaw Full Face Mask

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I'm pretty sure this parrot mask is supposed to be a Blue-and-gold Macaw, but it's missing the black stripes on the white part of the face. Pity, because the colors are pretty good and the shape is fine. Wear with a yellow shirt under a blue suit and you'll be a a pretty solid Blue-and-gold Macaw. You'll be trick-or-treating for seeds, nuts, and fruits.

Young Bald Eagle Latex Face Mask

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Sure, you could go as an iconic white-headed Bald Eagle for Halloween, but why not add some bird education to your night by dressing up as a young eagle? Did you know that Bald Eagles don't show their full adult plumage, including a white head, until they reach about 5 years of age? Their first year, the head is fully brown. It gradually transitions to white. The beak goes through a similar transition, from black to yellow. With the beak starting to show yellow on this bird mask, this Bald Eagle mask represents a bird that's about a year old. Wear this with an all-brown outfit for a complete look -- no need for a white tail at this point! You'll be trick-or-treating for scraps and carrion, mostly. Catching prey takes years of practice.

Blue Macaw Parrot Bird Face Mask

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The shape of this blue parrot mask screams Hyacinth, with its exaggerated overbite and light coloring around the eye. But that eye ring should be yellow, and a Hyacinth would also have yellow at the base of the beak. A Spix's Macaw is blue, too, but the shade is different, and in that case this mask would be missing a lot of white around the face. So this is a non-species "blue macaw mask" which is a fine look for Halloween. Wear this with whatever you want because you're making up your own species at this point. Rainbow tutu? Zebra-striped tuxedo? Go for it. 

Or, you could add a DIY element, get some white or yellow paint, and commit to a species. Both are endangered (Hyacinth is Vulnerable and Spix's is unfortunately extinct in the wild) and dressing up as a specific species is a great way to spread awareness. You can inspire conservation when you go out trick-or-treating! Whatever your species, you'll most likely be on the hunt for seeds and fruits.

Green Hummingbird Adult Face Mask

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The shape of this hummingbird mask is great! The round head, placement of eyes, and shape of beak are all very realistic. I love the feather details too. I'm not great at hummer ID, unfortunately (there are only Ruby-throated where I live, and this is no Ruby-throated). So I'm not sure which of the world's 330 hummingbirds this is supposed to be. The bird seems to be getting a throat patch, but most North American species have this against a white bib, and this mask has a green bib. Berylline Hummingbirds have green throats, but they don't develop colored patches. So, shrug? I'm sure this would look great with pretty much any green outfit. As a bird snob, I'm usually a stickler for nailing down a species, but this hummingbird mask looks so good I'd wear it without qualms.

Judgmental Ostrich Latex Face Mask

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I guess you can tell this is an ostrich mask, but the likeness is not great. This might be a tough one to pull off unless you have an extremely long neck. Wear this with a grey top, fluffy black tutu, and pink tights for maximum effect. You'll be trick-or-treating for seeds and plants, with the occasional bug thrown in for protein.

Barred Owl Adult Face Mask

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I'm pretty sure this tuftless owl mask is meant to represent a Barred Owl, with its wide light facial discs, big black eyes, and small yellow beak. A dark line around the facial disks would add more authenticity, and the shape could be a bit wider, but overall this is a pretty good likeness. Find a vertically striped tan and brown sweater, a horizontally striped scarf in the same colors, and fluffy tan pants to pull off a complete look. You'll be trick-or-treating for lizards, mice, and shrews.

Mute Swan Adult Face Mask for Halloween

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This costume swan mask is spot on! The swan head shape is very good, as is the plumage (coloration). And the complete costume is easy -- wear white! Add a flowy white cape if you want to get fancy. Get ready to get wet! You'll be trick-or-treating for aquatic plants. And stay away from bread and corn! They are bad for you.

Super Hot Squid Game Costume Jumpsuit: Pick Your Number

More Squid Game Costume Jumpsuits

Other merchants are selling Squid Game jumpsuits; try these if you can't find your size and preferred number in time.

Squid Game Cosplay Li Zhengjae Costume Jacket Sweatshirts 456 218 Round Six Coat Sportswear Korean Drama Clothes Halloween (A001, XX-Small) – Material: polyester, soft, skin-friendly, breathable, comfortable to wear.; Design:Inspired by the popular TV series , it perfectly restores the image of the characters in the show,... View on Amazon
8sets Squid Game Cosplay Costume, Variety Squid Game Hoodie Jacket for Fans & Boys & Girls (L, Blue 001) – 【Design Inspiration】-- The design of squid game costume adult is inspired by the hit TV series "Squid Game". Game participants wear suits with numbers, and managers... View on Amazon
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Dress Like an Egyptian for Halloween

With fun costumes and detailed accessories, everyone in your family can dress up like an ancient Egyptian this Halloween. From sexy Egyptian goddesses to bejeweled royalty, there are costume styles and sizes for everyone in your party. Even your four-legged family member! You can all walk like an Egyptian while trick-or-treating this Halloween!

1 Sexy Egyptian Goddess Women's Outfit

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This hot mini-dress costume comes with great accessories to make you look like an Egyptian goddess. The dress comes with a matching belt, Egyptian-style crown, collar with "jewels", and super sexy glovelettes with hanging sheer draping. Add a scepter and sexy shoes (sold separately) for a complete look.

2 Sexy King Tut Egyptian Costume for Men

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Dress up like an Egyptian king with this fun Halloween costume for men. Wear it with or without the included sleeveless shirt. You'll get a detailed Egyptian-style collar with attached golden cape, gold wrist gauntlets, a black and gold Egyptian headpiece, and an Eye of Horus necklace. The costume is completed with the hot black and gold shendyt kilt.

3 Cleopatra Queen of the Nile Dress Costume

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Play royalty for Halloween with this pretty Cleopatra gown outfit. The sheer white dress comes with an attached turquoise and gold sequin belt, sequin collar with gold detailing and attached blue cape with sexy wrist cuffs, and a royal headpiece.

4 Royal Pharaoh Men's Halloween Costume

Found on Amazon

You'll look like reigning royalty with this detailed costume. The outfit includes a black and gold robe, black headpiece with gold details, and matching golden belt. Staff sold separately.

5 Hot Egyptian Queen or Goddess Dress

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This pretty costume starts with a sexy sleeveless dress with golden details and animal print panels. The dress has an attached sheer golden cape and wide costume collar. You'll also get sexy armbands, wrist bands, and a matching belt with drop fabric details.

6 Deluxe Royal King Tut Headpiece & Outfit

Found on Amazon

This complete deluxe costume comes with all you'll need to go as King Tut himself this Halloween. The costume comes with a white tunic, golden belt with black and blue details, and over-sized collar and headpiece. The headpiece is gold with black and dark blue details, and a cobra detail at the center.

7 Pink Cleopatra Egyptian Queen Costume for Girls

Found on Amazon

This fun costume for girls includes a royal-style dress with matching belt. You'll also get a cape with attached wrist cuffs, and an Egyptian headpiece fit for the Queen of the Nile.

8 Youth Size Pharaoh Halloween Tunic Outfit

Found on Amazon

This outfit will transform you into a pharaoh with just a few simple pieces. With this costume you'll get the Egyptian style tunic, matching belt and neck piece, plus the impressive gold and blue headpiece. Note that the staff is not included.

9 Egyptian-Style Eyeliner Adhesive Strips

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Complete your Egyptian Halloween costume with perfect make-up including the right eyeliner! You won't have to worry about getting the lines right or any smearing all night long with these adhesive eyeliner strips. Stick these on and you'll be ready for walking like an Egyptian all day and all night long!

10 Fun Queen Cleopatra Pet Halloween Costume

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Even your furry friend can go as an Egyptian this Halloween! Dress up your pooch in this golden Egyptian dog t-shirt with matching golden crown for a fun Halloween sidekick!

Halloween Costumes for Your Feet

If you're looking for a low-key way to dress up for Halloween this year, why not dress up your feet with a pair of fun novelty socks inspired by super heroes? You can add some whimsy to your regular late October outfits, or use these accessories as part of a complete superhero costume.

1 Captain America Socks with Wings!

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These blue crew socks have the Captain America logo in bold red and white on the front. Below the cuff on the sides of the socks you'll find little wings!

2 Awesome Batman Socks with Cape!

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These black and grey socks have fun yellow detailing including the iconic Batman logo and utility belt. These socks come with a black cape attached just below the cuff.

3 Batman's Sidekick Robin Cape Socks!

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Bam! Pow! Let your feet join a pal and go out as a matched pair of superheroes. You could also wear one Batman sock and one Robin sock for a matched set all by yourself!

4 Thor-Inspired Socks with Cape!

Found on Amazon

These are fun and funny! Blue socks have black detailing and a printed golden belt. The best part is the little red cape on the back of each sock. Your feet can't go wrong as the god of thunder!

5 Superman Hero Socks with Cape!

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These socks are done in the classic colors of Superman: red and blue. There are yellow details including within the iconic Superman S logo. Of course no Superman socks would be complete without a flowing red cape!

6 Can't Pick? Get This Four Hero Set!

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This cute set of ankle socks feature four different superheroes. Batman and Batwoman each have little bat ears up the side of the socks. Wonder Woman's tiara sticks up on the front and you can see Superman's cape flowing behind his perfect black hair.

Flock of Bird Masks! Group Costume Idea

Get together with a bunch of your birdwatcher or bird lover buddies and go as a flock of feathered friends for Halloween!

These full face masks can be paired with appropriately-colored clothing to copy your chosen bird's plumage. I've given you some ideas along with the masks below. Note that we've covered bird costumes before so a couple of these masks have been shared on the blog in the post Fly Like a Bird this Halloween!

Since I'm an avid birder I've also given my opinion on some of the masks' authenticity to species. They are all obviously birds but some are hard to pin down to species or have strange form or color aberrations. Going as a flock of bird is a fun group Halloween costume idea for any bunch of friends, especially if they are birders, too!

1 Fun European Robin Latex Mask

Found on Amazon

I'd rate the color on this mask as B+ and the form a solid C -- the beak is too fat for an insectivore like the European Robin. Robins have eyes on the sides of their heads so you'll be looking through small holes near the mouth when you go as Robin. This robin mask would pair nicely with an orange top and a grey or off-white pair of pants. You'll be trick-or-treating for insects.

2 Bald Eagle Full Face Latex Mask

Found on Amazon

Dress up as America's bird with this adult Bald Eagle mask. This is a pretty good likeness of the species -- B+ all-around. Wear with an all-brown outfit and put on a white waist apron backwards for your majestic tail and you're done! You'll be trick-or-treating for small mammals, fish, or roadkill.

3 White Rooster Chicken Costume Mask

Found on Amazon

If you'd like to go as a domestic bird, this chicken mask is a good choice. The depicted bird is a white rooster, so wear this with an all-white outfit. You'll be looking through the open mouth of this mask. You'll be trick-or-treating for grains and grubs. And you'll want to stay away from the Bald Eagle.

4 Bubo Horned Owl Face Mask

Found on Amazon

This owl mask is a bit hard to pin down to species. By plumage and facial structure it looks more like a Long-eared Owl than the more common Great Horned Owl. Since owls have front-facing eyes, you'll be looking out of small holes near the eyes for this one. A dirty brown or tan outfit would go well with this mask. A tan camo ensemble would also work. You'll probably be trick-or-treating for small mammals.

5 Fun Duck Halloween Costume Mask

Found on Amazon

Dress up as a Mallard with this green duck face mask. I'd give the structure of this one a C, coloration is a solid B. There are small eyeholes at the sides of the duck's bill so you can see when you're swimming around on Halloween night. Pair this with a brown top, tan pants, and orange shoes. Bonus points if you have a white collar and blue chaps. If more than one of your buddies wants to be a duck, this mask also comes in domestic duckling yellow. You'll be trick-or-treating for duckweed and other aquatic vegetation with the occasional worm or snail.

6 Rock Dove or Pigeon Face Mask

Found on Amazon

Dress up as the most recognizable bird in the world when you sport this fun full face pigeon mask! This one looks great and makes such an easy costume -- plumage variance in this bird means you can pair the mask with virtually any outfit for a plausible look. If you'd like a cleaner look or have more friends who want to go as a flying rat, this pigeon mask also comes in an all-white version. You'll be trick-or-treating for French fries, popcorn, pizza scraps and whatever crumbs you come across.

7 Scarlet Macaw Latex Costume Mask

Found on Amazon

This mask is a pretty good likeness of a Scarlet Macaw. These big loud birds have amazing rainbow plumage so you can have fun with the clothes you wear with this one. On top you could wear a red shirt with a big yellow belt or a yellow shirt with a red bolero. On the bottom you could wear blue or green shorts over red tights. You'll be trick-or-treating for fruits, nuts, and seeds.

8 Northern Cardinal Bird Costume Mask

Found on Amazon

Why are Northern Cardinals depicted with yellow beaks in popular culture and novelty masks? Chicks have brownish grey beaks that become red when the bird reaches maturity. It's never yellow. On this mask I'd like to see the black around the beak a bit darker. Otherwise this is certainly recognizable as a Northern Cardinal, one of the most common neighborhood birds found in the eastern United States. This is an easy costume -- just wear red. You'll be trick-or-treating for sunflower and safflower seeds.

9 Emperor Penguin Halloween Costume Mask

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This mask of an Emperor Penguin is spot-on as far as plumage and structure go. A+. You'll be able to look out of the bird's open mouth. Wear this with a white outfit topped with a black jacket (a traditional tuxedo would also do nicely) to complete the look. You'll be trick-or-treating for squid and fish.

10 Dodo Extinct Bird Full Face Mask

Found on Amazon

You'll be the saddest one in your group of bird friends -- you're dead! The flightless Dodo is an icon of extinction. Wear this Dodo mask with a greyish outfit and yellow shoes. You'll be trick-or-treating for fruits and nuts, probably -- accounts are murky.

11 Flamingo Full Face Costume Mask

Found on Amazon

This is a fun one! Match up this flamingo mask with your best pink outfit to complete the look. You'll be trick-or-treating for brine shrimp and algae, which give you your pretty pink plumage. You'll have to bend your neck to feed upside-down, though.

Group Costume Idea: Incredibles & More

Halloween is just weeks away, so you better get cracking if you're going to come up with a costume idea for your group! With the release of The Incredibles 2 a couple of years ago, the animated superhero franchise is as popular as ever. Group costumes featuring the iconic characters have been an easy, affordable, recognizable, and popular choice. The endurance of the Incredibles in our popular culture means that Incredibles costumes will be wearable for years to come, making them even more affordable long-term.

1 Mr. Incredible Skinsuit

Found on Amazon – See more in Costumes for Men and Incredibles Costumes

There are a lot of different Incredibles costume styles out there. Here's a Mr. Incredible look that's a complete head-to-toe skinsuit.

2 Mr. Incredible Muscle Suit

Found on Amazon – See more in Costumes for Men and Incredibles Costumes

This costume jumpsuit has muscle-style embellishments if a skinsuit isn't your thing. You can get this style for the whole family: Mrs. Incredible; Dash; Violet; and Jack-Jack.

3 Skirted Mrs. Incredible Costume for Women

Found on Amazon

If you're looking for a more modest look than the traditional skin-suit or catsuit style costume for the Incredibles, choose this comfortable skirted costume outfit. The skirt is detachable so the outfit can be worn traditionally or with skirt.

4 Violet Incredibles Costume fo Girls

Found on Amazon

Dress as the moody superdaughter of the family, Violet, with this Incredibles superhero costume outfit for girls. The jumpsuit includes an attached belt and the fabric eye-mask is also included.

5 Funny Jack-Jack Costume With Hood

This funny costume for babies is different than most - it includes a hood with attached mask and Jack-Jack's signature tuft of hair.

6 Frozone Superhero Adult Costume

Found on Amazon

Dress as the Incredible sidekick hero Frozone with this fun complete jumpsuit costume. The suit comes with matching hero gloves and a detachable visor.

7 Super Villain Syndrome Wig

Found on Amazon – See more in Wigs and Incredibles Costumes

Want to be a superhero but not an Incredible? You have options, like going as Syndrome. You'll need crazy hair like his -- get this wig if you can't make your own coif do this madness. Pick up Syndrome's T-Shirt too.

8 Edna Mode Costume for Toddlers

Found on Amazon

Let your little one dress up like style icon Edna Mode with this fun complete costume. You'll get a color block tunic onesie, foam wig headpiece, and fabric glasses in Edna's iconic style.

9 Incredible Costume for Dogs!

Found on Amazon – See more in Incredibles Costumes

Let your furkid join in the group costume fun with this superhero costume made just for dogs! The Incredibles costume for four-legged furry friends includes a jumpsuit available in six different sizes and a matching hero face mask.

Funny, Easy "Human Costume" T-Shirts for Halloween

Let others use their imagination while you remain comfortable in these funny costume-style t-shirts. What makes them costume t-shirts? They say they are, right in the design. Each funny shirt proclaims the wearer is actually another creature, imaginary character, or animal -- and that they are just wearing a human costume. Pick your favorite alter ego and get ready to rock Halloween in your human costume.

I'm a Goat! Funny Human Costume T-Shirt

Found on Amazon

Let out a few bleats and maahs here and there to add to the authenticity of this funny costume t-shirt. Bold text reads "I'm a Goat" in all caps, with the parenthetical subtitle "In a Human Costume". A small tan silhouette of a goat is shown underneath. 

Tip: wear these dark grey hoof shoe covers along with this shirt for an added layer of authenticity while keeping the costume easy and comfortable.


I'm a Narwhal! Funny Human Costume T-Shirt

Found on Amazon

Exude the magic of the ocean when you wear this funny costume t-shirt. Here the main slogan is "I'm a Narwhal" with the funny parenthetical add-on below: "in a human costume". The text is accompanied by a cute cartoon drawing of a narwhal, the unique species of whale known for its protruding horn-like tusk. 

Tip: wear this shirt with this costume horn headband for added authenticity. You'll still be comfortable in your t-shirt costume but you'll turn more heads with the simple and affordable added accessory.

I'm Really an Alien Funny Human Costume Tee

Found on Amazon

Wear this costume t-shirt for an out of this world easy look for Halloween. The black shirt (also available in a wide variety of colors) features white and alien green text that reads "This is my Human Costume I'm Really an Alien" in all caps. The text is accompanied by a typical "little green man" face icon. 

Tip: Wear a pair of alien style novelty sunglasses like these along with this funny costume t-shirt for some added humor. 

More Funny "Human Costume" T-Shirt Ideas for Halloween

I'm Really A Dragon This Is My Human Costume T Shirt Cute – I'm Really A Dragon This Is My Human Costume tshirt is the perfect gift for you or anyone you know, family or friends, that love dragon.... View on Amazon
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This is my Human Costume I'm Really A Cat Shirt Funny Gift – Get this great Funny This is my Human Costume I'm Really A cat shirt halloween; Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. View on Amazon
Weasel Costume I'm a Weasel in a Human Costume Shirt T-Shirt – Weasel Costume Shirt. I'm a Weasel in a Human Costume tshirt with funny cartoon weasel design. Also makes a lazy easy Halloween weasel costume; This Weasel... View on Amazon
This is My Human Costume I'm Really An Axolotl Halloween T-Shirt – This funny novelty graphic design lets everyone know you're secretly an axolotl. Give this to an amphibian lover that needs a casual and easy Halloween costume.... View on Amazon
Human Costume I'm Really A Zombie Funny Halloween T-Shirt – Halloween Parties T-shirt, Trick or Treat, Trick or Treaters, Scary Funny T-Shirt. Perfect if you love Zombies,vampire, lantern, bat, werewolf or mummy.; Zombies are a Scary... View on Amazon
This is My Human Costume, I'm Really a Dinosaur Gift T-shirt – Are you really a Dinosaur in disguise? Do you need a shirt for a Halloween costume party? This funny t-shirt with the phrase This is My... View on Amazon
This Is My Human Costume I'm Really A Superhero T-Shirt – Wear superhero gift shirt to the Halloween- Trick Or Treating, Pumpkin Pie, Candies, Party; Happy Thanksgiving- Turkey Day, Pie Day, Family dinner; birthday, Mother’s day, Father’s... View on Amazon
Funny This is My Human Costume I'm Really a Potato Halloween T-Shirt – This is My Human Costume I'm Really a Potato funny Halloween design for men, women, teen boys and girls and kids who love potatoes or a... View on Amazon
I'm Kale in a Human Costume Funny Vegetable T-Shirt – Are you an herbivore that loves plant-based diets or a vegan or vegetarian? This kale shirt is a perfect gift for the kale lover or an... View on Amazon
This Is My Human Costume I'm Really A Crocodile Gift T-Shirt – This funny novelty graphic design lets everyone know you're secretly a crocodile. Give this to a crocodile lover that needs a casual and easy Halloween costume.... View on Amazon
This Is My Human Costume I'm Really A Cheetah Cute Gift T-Shirt – Great design for Men and Women or Kids who love scary Halloween party decorations / pajama costume pumpkin, skeleton, zombie, and ghost / Birthday parties. Best... View on Amazon

The Most Comfortable Wonder Woman Costume Ever!

You don't have to dress up like a sexy Wonder Woman ala Gal Gadot in recent popular films, or the revealing outfit worn by Lynda Carter in the 1970s television show. 

You can be comfortable, and even cozy and warm, dressing up as Wonder Woman for Halloween with this costume ensemble. Wear a hoodie with a pair of leggings to get the look without the unnecessary reveal. You can be a superhero in complete comfort!


Fitted Wonder Woman Hoodie Sweatshirt

Found on Amazon

You'll be warm while cosplaying the strong female superhero character. This is a fitted style zip-up hoodie with all of the patriotic stylings that make Wonder Woman recognizable. The red bodice is framed by blue sleeves with white stars. The zip costume hoodie also has handy pockets, a sparkly W logo at the chest, and yellow cuffs that replicate the arm cuffs typically worn by the comic book character.

Wonder Woman Costume Leggings

Found on Amazon

These comfortable blue costume leggings are made of a sporty blend of polyester and spandex. The stretch material is comfortable to wear, has a slim fit, and is easy to don and doff. The full-length hero leggings has white stars along the outside of the legs and the iconic Wonder Woman logo printed at the waist. Note the size of these is made as "one size fits most"; for further guidance, shoppers have shared their sizing experiences in the reviews.