To Wear With Helmet: Pretend I'm A Deep-Sea Diver T-Shirt

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Wear the helmet with this funny t-shirt for a super easy complete costume!

Costume ideas for this jacket include:

  1. Victorian Steampunk Inventor: Combine the tailcoat with high-waisted trousers or a bustle skirt, a corset, and goggles to embody a Steampunk inventor. Accessorize with gear-themed jewelry and carry a prop like a pocket watch, steampunk statue, or a faux invention.

  2. Gothic Aristocrat: Pair the jacket with a lace blouse, a velvet skirt, and tall boots for a gothic aristocrat look. Add a choker necklace, dark makeup over a pale base, and a vampy lip color to enhance the mysterious aura.

  3. Vampire Countess: Transform into a vampire countess by wearing the tailcoat over a long, flowing dress. Accessorize with a dramatic necklace, fake fangs, and a dark, elegant wig. Don't forget the pale foundation and dark eye shadow for a night-bound allure.

  4. Circus Ringmaster: Channel a circus ringmaster by combining the jacket with a white shirt, black pants, and a top hat. Add a whip, a bow tie, and perhaps a mock microphone to direct the circus of your dreams.

  5. Pirate Captain: Create a pirate captain look by pairing the tailcoat with a ruffled blouse, leather leggings, and tall boots. Accessorize with a tricorn hat, an eye patch, and a toy sword. Gold hoop earrings and layered necklaces can complete the swashbuckling style.

  6. Witchy Woman: For a witchy look, wear the jacket with a long, black dress, pointed hat, and carry a broomstick, crystal ball, or wand. Layer on silver moon and star jewelry to finish this mystical ensemble.

  7. Historical Figure: Emulate a historical figure like a Victorian lady or an Edwardian suffragette by combining the tailcoat with period-appropriate attire such as long skirts, petticoats, and hats. Carry period-appropriate props like a parasol, sash, political sign, or book.

  8. Fantasy Elf: Take on the guise of a fantasy elf by wearing the tailcoat over a green or earth-toned dress. Add elf ears, a bow and arrow set, and boots. Braided hairstyles and natural makeup can emphasize the elven connection to nature.

  9. Time Traveler: Dress as a time traveler with the tailcoat, mixed-era clothing pieces, futuristic accessories like metallic cuffs, and a mock time machine device or an old map.

  10. Gothic Bride: For a gothic bride look, combine the jacket with a long, black lace dress and a dark veil or floral crown. Gothic-inspired jewelry and a bouquet of black roses will complete the theme.

Are you excited for two mega group of periodical cicadas to emerge this spring? 2024 will see the first emergence of 17-year cicadas and 13-year cicadas to hit in one year since 1803!

Brood XIII and Brood XIX with both start emerging in late April, with a major convergence occurring in central Illinois where the groups overlap geographically. Brood XIII is found across the northern half of Illinois into northern Wisconsin and eastern Iowa. Brood XIX has a larger range that covers the southern half of Illinois, most of Missouri, and parts of most other southeastern states.

That makes this is a special event to be commemorated, especially across the range of emergence. How about having some fun with the cicadas with these fun novelty costume items? Dress up as a bug or share bug love with this gear.

Holographic Insect Wings for Cicada Costume

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These polyester/vinyl wings with an iridescent shine have the right shape and interesting color scheme to make up part of your cicada costume this year!

Red Bug Eye Glasses for Cicada Costume

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Emulate the reddish eyes of cicadas with this pair of bug eye glasses. The glasses have a unique bug shape for extra interest.

Looking to do a little costume DIY? These fun metallic-look pieces are a great base for several different costumes. Think robots,Goldfinger victim, alien or astronaut, steampunk look, rock or pop star, or video game character! Let your imagination run wild with these base costume garment pieces.

The stretchy material is comfortable and easy to work with. These flashy pieces also work for holiday party outfits and clubwear.

The tank top is made of polyester and spandex. It is shown here in gold; it also available in other metallic look colors like silver, copper (brown metallic), platinum (black metallic), and others.

The metallic wet-look leggings are made of polyester and spandex. They are shown here in gold but you can get them in other colors including silver, red, and purple.

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