Versatile Pieces & Costume Starters

The clothing and accessory items featured here are all versatile pieces that can be used for different creative costumes. Have staples like these in your closet so you can be ready for your next Halloween, costume party, or other event!

Pocketed Vest Costume Starter / Staple

This affordable pocketed vest is a great item to have in your costume closet because it can be used as the basis for a variety of different DIY costume ideas. The unisex zipper closure vest is made of lightweight polyester and includes six exterior pockets -- 4...

Monochrome Long Sleeve Bodycon Jumpsuit Costume Starter

A fun way to get started with a costume would be this body conforming (bodycon) long sleeve jumpsuit for women. The form-fitting and comfortable polyester-spandex blend romper closes with a zipper in the back. Available in sizes S to XL, it can be worn by a variety of...

Versatile Robe Halloween Costume Starter

This long, flowing hooded robe is a perfect piece for several different Halloween costume ideas. It comes with accessories for a medieval monk costume, but with the right accoutrements, you'll be able to use this versatile costume robe for several years while you go as different personas!

Versatile Costume Starter: Shirred Blouse with Puff Sleeves

Add this monochrome blouse to your closet as a bold starter for a variety of costume ideas. The shirt has a shirred, stretch bodice and puffed 7/8 sleeves with open hems. The shirt has a square neck, cropped profile, and comes in sizes X-Small to X-Large.  Shown here...