Adorable Swaddling Blanket Baby Costumes

Keep your little sweetie warm, comfortable, and safe with these darling swaddling costumes made for babies. Each outfit includes a bodysuit and a matching swaddle blanket in the form of wings or other fun shape that makes the costume. Use these cute and functional matching outfits as an easy Halloween costume for your baby or use for photo shoots, social gatherings, or parties.

1 Baby Bat Costume with Swaddle Wings Cloth

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Your baby will be so cute going as a spooky bat for Halloween! The bat bodysuit is black with purple and comes with a matching hat. The swaddling blanket is also black and purple and is shaped like a bat's wings.

2 Funny Baby Dragon Onesie & Blanket Costume

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Dress up your little one like a fierce dragon or adorable imaginary dinosaur! The onesie and matching dragon headpiece are shades of dark and light green. Swaddle your baby in the wing-shaped blanket.

3 Lobster Fisherman Swaddle Costume

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This adorable set includes a yellow baby top, yellow diaper cover bottoms, and a matching yellow fisherman-style hat. The swaddle blanket with this set is a big red lobster shape. So cute!

4 Baby Ear of Corn Swaddle Outift

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Dress up your little one as an ear of corn with this cute kernel bodysuit and matching corn style hat. Then wrap up your little bundle of corny goodness inside a swaddle blanket that looks like a corn husk!

5 Bat-Shaped Swaddle Blanket Plus Milestone Icons

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Wrapped up in this bat-shaped swaddle blanket, your kiddo will look like a cute little flying creature of the night! This oversized swaddle blanket comes with a set of milestone props for great photo ops as baby grows from 1 month to 12 months of age.

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