Group Costume Idea: Encanto Madrigal Family

Encanto was one of the most popular movies released in 2021. The animated feature from Disney featured a family full of characters with magical abilities, and a heroine who helped keep the family together (her true power). The family includes several memorable characters that would make fun Halloween costumes, and dressing up as several from the group is a fun idea for a dressing up as a family or bunch of friends. Here are some costume ideas inspired by characters from Encanto.

Mirabel Madrigal Costume

Dress up as the protagonist of Encanto, sister Mirabel Madrigal. The character wears a childlike outfit including an elaborately decorated blouse with flowing collar, and equally elaborately decorated skirt in shades of blue.

M Encanto Inspired Mirabel All-Over Print Costume Lightweight Women's T-Shirt

Note that this is a printed costume shirt with no actual 3D elements or embellishments. Cartoon-style printed elements include whimsical floral illustrations and a detailed black and white collar across the front and back of the shirt, plus matching detailing on the sleeves.

M Encanto Inspired Mirabel All-Over Print Costume Skater Skirt

The pattern of stripes and whimsical floral illustrations on this Mirabel costume skirt are inspired by the busy, detailed look of Mirabel's signature outfit. The skater skirt does not have shorts attached.

Luisa Madrigal Costume

Dress up as the magically strong character Luisa Madrigal. Mirabel's sister Luisa is expected to use her extraordinary strength to serve the family and the community, but the movie shows the toll these responsibilities take on Luisa. Wear the outfit pieces below and carry a plush donkey toy to complete your look.

L Encanto Inspired Luisa All-Over Print Costume Lightweight Women's T-Shirt

Cartoon-style printed elements on this Luisa costume shirt include red ribbon around the neckline, with a bow in the middle, and a border pattern at the bottom hem of the lilac-colored top.

L Encanto Inspired Luisa All-Over Print Costume Skater Skirt

Make this fun printed costume Luisa skater skirt part of your outfit. Printed details around the lower half of the skirt include dumbells in a repeating pattern. 

L Bearington Pedro Plush Donkey Stuffed Animal

Found on Amazon

Carry one or two of these cute plush donkey toys as the perfect accessory for your Luisa costume. While Luisa sings her signature song, Surface Pressure, she moves several of the beasts as part of her duties.

Isabela Madrigal Costume

Dress up as Señorita Perfecta, Madrigal sister Isabela, the one blessed with grace, beauty, and flower power magic!

I Encanto Inspired Isabela All-Over Print Costume T-Shirt Dress

Cartoon-style printed elements on this Isabela costume t-shirt dress include a variety of colored flowers, a lace-look collar, and lace-look layers across the bottom portion of the t-shirt dress.

Bruno Madrigal Costume

We may not talk about Bruno (no, no, no), but adding a Bruno to your Encanto-themed group costume idea will make your family complete!

B Bruno Madrigal Costume Poncho

Found on Amazon

This one is easy! Bruno's main costume piece is the green striped poncho he wears, including a hood just like this one. Because this is the main part of his costume, you can wear this over almost anything, but brown pants and a brown top would be best. It also works over jeans, shorts, or almost anything else! The poncho is king for a Bruno costume.

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