Let's Go as Hot Dogs this Halloween!

Hot dogs are a beloved American food treat. They are so popular, that there are even hot dog costumes for everyone in your family. Mom & dad, all the kids, including baby, and your pets can all dress up as hot dogs this year, with or without various condiments.

1 Grilled Hot Dog with Mustard Adult Halloween Costume

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This is a full foam tunic with a vibrant print. The dog is grilled with a good amount of photo-realistic mustard squiggling down the front. Note that this popular costume does not include the white cartoon gloves.

2 Adult Hot Dog with Mustard & Relish Halloween Suit

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This is a shorter tunic costume that has the dog as a hood over the head. The hot dog is garnished with mustard and relish.

3 Toddler Grilled Hot Dog with Mustard Costume

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This is a popular grilled dog style! Here the full long tunic hot dog costume is sized for toddlers. The plush style tunic costume includes a little doggie hood. Mustard for the win!

4 Hot Dog with Mustard Baby Bunting Halloween Costume

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Finally, here's a bunting style costume for babies. A hot dog hood covers your child's head. This ungrilled hot dog has mustard.

5 Zombie Hot Dog Halloween Costume for Adults

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This hilarious costume takes the hot dog theme a scary step further: you're a zombie hot dog! The tunic costume covers the upper body and head. The bun has a jagged edge at the bottom. This ungrilled hot dog has ketchup and mustard.

6 Hot Dog with Mustard Funny Halloween Hat

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Don't want to go full dog this Halloween? You can wear this funny hot dog hat instead and still match your weiner friends. This jumbo dog has a line of mustard.

7 Hot Dog with Mustard & Ketchup Halloween Hat

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This funny hot dog hat features plaid beanie covered with the dog. The hot dog is inside a yellow bun. The hot dog is covered with mustard and ketchup.

8 Hot Dog with Relish and Mustard Pet Dog Costume

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This is a detailed hot dog costume for your pooch! The costume includes stretch velcro straps to accommodate a variety of sizes and comfort levels.

9 Hot Dog with Mustard Pet Canine Dog Costume

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This cute hot dog costume for real dogs has a printed poppyseed bun. The well-done grilled weiner has a thick portion of mustard. This costume is available in several different sizes to accomodate a variety of breeds.

10 Hot Dog with Ketchup Pet Pooch Halloween Costume

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This cute hot dog costume for pet dogs has a poppyseed bun. The hot dog has a thick line of ketchup.

11 Adult Two-Piece Mustard Halloween Costume

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Dress up as mustard with this fun yellow tunic costume. The outfit comes with a matching yellow hat that looks like the top of a condiment bottle.

12 Adult Lightweight & Easy Ketchup Halloween Costume

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If you prefer to dress up as ketchup, here you go! This outfit matches the mustard costume, but here you'll get a red tunic with matching red hat.

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