Even More Bird Masks! Forage for Fun This Halloween: Go As Birds!

Dressing up as a bird is easy with a quality, realistic, comfortable latex bird mask. These masks are all inspired by real bird species and make a great start to an easy costume. Wear appropriately colored clothing to copy the bird's real plumage for a great look this Halloween. 

We've featured bird masks before, both in Fly Like a Bird and Flock of Bird Masks!

Again I'm using my skills as an avid birder to rate these masks. I'll give you some clothing ideas to match the masks, too.

1 Peacock Full Face Mask / Indian Peafowl

Found on Amazon

This peacock mask looks fantastic, with good coloration and facial features. The feather tuft coming out the back is a nice touch. To make a complete costume, pair a blue skinsuit or leotard with a peacock-print cape. You'll be trick-or-treating for a huge variety of snacks, including bugs, seeds, berries, lizards, and more.

2 Blue-and-gold Macaw Full Face Mask

Found on Amazon

I'm pretty sure this parrot mask is supposed to be a Blue-and-gold Macaw, but it's missing the black stripes on the white part of the face. Pity, because the colors are pretty good and the shape is fine. Wear with a yellow shirt under a blue suit and you'll be a a pretty solid Blue-and-gold Macaw. You'll be trick-or-treating for seeds, nuts, and fruits.

3 Blue Macaw Parrot Bird Face Mask

Found on Amazon

The shape of this blue parrot mask screams Hyacinth, with its exaggerated overbite and light coloring around the eye. But that eye ring should be yellow, and a Hyacinth would also have yellow at the base of the beak. A Spix's Macaw is blue, too, but the shade is different, and in that case this mask would be missing a lot of white around the face. So this is a non-species "blue macaw mask" which is a fine look for Halloween. Wear this with whatever you want because you're making up your own species at this point. Rainbow tutu? Zebra-striped tuxedo? Go for it. 

Or, you could add a DIY element, get some white or yellow paint, and commit to a species. Both are endangered (Hyacinth is Vulnerable and Spix's is unfortunately extinct in the wild) and dressing up as a specific species is a great way to spread awareness. You can inspire conservation when you go out trick-or-treating! Whatever your species, you'll most likely be on the hunt for seeds and fruits.

4 Green Hummingbird Adult Face Mask

Found on Amazon

The shape of this hummingbird mask is great! The round head, placement of eyes, and shape of beak are all very realistic. I love the feather details too. I'm not great at hummer ID, unfortunately (there are only Ruby-throated where I live, and this is no Ruby-throated). So I'm not sure which of the world's 330 hummingbirds this is supposed to be. The bird seems to be getting a throat patch, but most North American species have this against a white bib, and this mask has a green bib. Berylline Hummingbirds have green throats, but they don't develop colored patches. So, shrug? I'm sure this would look great with pretty much any green outfit. As a bird snob, I'm usually a stickler for nailing down a species, but this hummingbird mask looks so good I'd wear it without qualms.

5 Judgmental Ostrich Latex Face Mask

Found on Amazon

I guess you can tell this is an ostrich mask, but the likeness is not great. This might be a tough one to pull off unless you have an extremely long neck. Wear this with a grey top, fluffy black tutu, and pink tights for maximum effect. You'll be trick-or-treating for seeds and plants, with the occasional bug thrown in for protein.

6 Barred Owl Adult Face Mask

Found on Amazon

I'm pretty sure this tuftless owl mask is meant to represent a Barred Owl, with its wide light facial discs, big black eyes, and small yellow beak. A dark line around the facial disks would add more authenticity, and the shape could be a bit wider, but overall this is a pretty good likeness. Find a vertically striped tan and brown sweater, a horizontally striped scarf in the same colors, and fluffy tan pants to pull off a complete look. You'll be trick-or-treating for lizards, mice, and shrews.

Unfortunately this product is no longer available on Amazon

7 Mute Swan Adult Face Mask for Halloween

Found on Amazon

This costume swan mask is spot on! The swan head shape is very good, as is the plumage (coloration). And the complete costume is easy -- wear white! Add a flowy white cape if you want to get fancy. Get ready to get wet! You'll be trick-or-treating for aquatic plants. And stay away from bread and corn! They are bad for you.

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