Two Broods of Periodical Cicadas Coming This Month! Funny Outfit Idea

Are you excited for two mega group of periodical cicadas to emerge this spring? 2024 will see the first emergence of 17-year cicadas and 13-year cicadas to hit in one year since 1803!

Brood XIII and Brood XIX with both start emerging in late April, with a major convergence occurring in central Illinois where the groups overlap geographically. Brood XIII is found across the northern half of Illinois into northern Wisconsin and eastern Iowa. Brood XIX has a larger range that covers the southern half of Illinois, most of Missouri, and parts of most other southeastern states.

That makes this is a special event to be commemorated, especially across the range of emergence. How about having some fun with the cicadas with these fun novelty costume items? Dress up as a bug or share bug love with this gear.

Holographic Insect Wings for Cicada Costume

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These polyester/vinyl wings with an iridescent shine have the right shape and interesting color scheme to make up part of your cicada costume this year!

Red Bug Eye Glasses for Cicada Costume

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Emulate the reddish eyes of cicadas with this pair of bug eye glasses. The glasses have a unique bug shape for extra interest.

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