This Is My Human Costume Easy & Funny Halloween T-Shirts

Keep it simple this Halloween with a funny text-based t-shirt with a silly message: "This is my human costume". The phrase is followed by a familiar refrain: "I'm really a...."  These funny and silly (sometimes absurd) easy Halloween costume t-shirts are great to wear on a casual work day where full costumes aren't on the agenda but a festive shirt is allowed. They are also great for wearing around Halloween to spread spooky holiday cheer. Here are some funny, silly and even absurd "This is my human costume" Halloween t-shirt ideas.

Funny novelty Halloween shirts like these are great when joining a group for dressing up for Halloween but you don't want to put in the extra effort. Tops like these can also well complement a child's outfit, making them fun for parents to wear when chaperoning kids out trick-or-treating.

Human Costume T-Shirt: I'm Really Pluto

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This fun t-shirt for Halloween recalls the still bitter demotion of Pluto from planetary status. If it's not a planet, maybe it's... me? This one is backed with a stylized image of the little planetoid / celestial body and includes a hilarious subtitle: You Can Still Call Me a Planet. This is great for space fans and anyone still feeling hurt about the whole Pluto drama.

Human Costume T-Shirt: I'm Really a Potato

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This funny Halloween costume t-shirt proclaims the wearer to actually be a root vegetable! I'm Really a Potato is shown here on a slate grey unisex t-shirt; you can get this funny veggie t-shirt design in cuts for kids or women, and pick from different color garments for your potato costume shirt.

Human Costume T-Shirt: I'm Really a Spider

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Dress up as a spooky spider without the added drama of extra arms or legs getting in the way. This funny simple Halloween costume t-shirt reads "This is my Human Costume" and "I'm Really a Spider", both phrases in all caps. The funny easy Halloween costume t-shirt design includes a subtle image of a pair of black spiders on a grey web in the background, helping make the point.

Human Costume T-Shirt: I'm Really a Wolf

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This stylish shirt is perfect for wolf lovers to wear on and around Halloween. The design implies that the wearer is really a wolf, and uses a beautiful watercolor style image of a wolf along with text, all in pleasing blue tones. Shown here on a unisex white tee, this design can be found on a few different color tops (but white certainly looks best) and you can select cuts for women or kids for the best fit.

Human Costume T-Shirt: I'm Really an Alien

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This extremely popular version of this popular design style proclaims the wearer is actually an alien. A simple green, wide-eyed alien illustration is included to make the point, while the text uses a fun computer-inspired pixelated style.

Human Costume T-Shirt: I'm Really a Hammer

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Get goofy and absurd this Halloween with this funny tool-inspired costume that tells others you just look like a human today -- you're really a hammer?! This funny easy Halloween costume t-shirt design includes an illustrated hammer smashing down on one of the text slogan's letters. This is fun for DIY fans and anyone who loves to work on projects with hammers, as well as those who work with hammers or other tools as a regular part of their job or hobby.

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