Funny Pair of Kids Basketball Costumes

Got a couple of kids who are crazy about basketball? Your hoops-loving youngsters will love to wear matching costumes for Halloween that share their love of the sport in a humorous way! It's fun for siblings or best friends to dress up as a basketball net and a basketball player.

Dressing up as a basketball net and a basketball player can work with a larger group of kids too! With two kids going trick-or-treating as basketball hoops and any number of friends dressed up as players, you can have the whole gang spreading joy of the game.

The basketball hoop costume is a one-size-fits-most tunic that can be worn over whatever clothes work best for weather conditions. As shown, a black outfit works great with this funny backboard sport costume. This costume comes with an oversized inflatable basketball accessory.

The basketball player costume will have your kid dressed up as trickster #1 with the Harlem Globetrotters. This costume includes the tank top and matching basketball shorts.

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Kids Glow in the Dark Skeleton Costume

This fun costume glows in the dark, so your child can be both spooky and safe for Halloween trick-or-treating this year!

Group Costume Idea: The Flintstones!

This is a great costume idea for a couple, two couples, or small families to wear together this Halloween. Dress up as the suave and sophisticated cave-folks from Bedrock htat everyone knows and loves from the classic sit-com cartoon series The Flintstones.

Child's Astronaut Costume With Cap

This is a fun Halloween costume or dress-up outfit for young aspiring astronauts! It's an orange jumpsuit in the style of real NASA astronauts.

Cute Complete Cowgirl Outfit For Halloween or Dress-Up

Get this complete outfit for your little cowpoke to dress up as a western cutie this Halloween. The cowgirl costume comes with everything you need to transform into a cute cowpoke.