Creepy Anatomy Man Skinsuit Costume

More Scary Skin Suit Costumes for Halloween

Morphsuits Men's Monster Skull and Bones Costume Skeleton, Large – offical morph monster costume: the skull and bones morphsuit, taking the skeleton costume to a whole new level.; Size based on height; Medium 4’7-5’2 (138cm-158cm), Large... View on Amazon
Morphsuits Kids Arachnomania Monster Costume - Medium Age 8-10, Height 3'11"-4'5" – OFFICIAL MORPH MONSTER COSTUME: The Arachnomania Kids Monster Morphsuit, tapping into peoples fear of spiders; SIZES THAT FIT: This Morphsuit comes in size Medium 3'6"-3'11" (105cm... View on Amazon
Mummy Morphsuit Fancy Dress Costume - size Large - 5'3-5'9 (159cm-175cm) – 87% Polyester/13% Spandex; Hand Wash only; All in one lycra costume that covers the body from head to toe See through, breathe through and drink through,... View on Amazon
Morphsuits The Rake Urban Legends Kids Morphsuit Costume - size Large 4'-4'6 (120cm-137cm) Costume, Black – OFFICIAL MORPHSUIT COSTUME: The Rake Urban Legends Morphsuit, the latest from the Creepy Pasta urban legends; SIZES THAT FIT: This Morphsuit comes in size Large 4’-4’6”... View on Amazon

The Amazing Spider-man Skin Costume

It doesn't take a big, bulky, complicated costume to transform into one of Marvel's most iconic heroes. This is a skin-tight poly-Spandex bodysuit made to transform the wearer into Spidey himself -- the Amazing Spider-Man.

Awesome Metal-Look Halloween Android Bodysuit Costume

This unique skin-tight bodysuit is a realistic metal android costume. The Lycra-polyester suit is stretchy, made to fit snug and over your complete body.The robot android suit gives the wearer the appearance of being totally encased in metal. But the suit itself has four-way stretching and is breathable. The suit includes a full face cover but the wearer is able to see.  

Terrifying Spider Skeleton Skinsuit for Kids

This is a truly scary Halloween costume for kids 10-12 years old. The tight fitting skinsuit looks like something out of a horror movie! The look is a decomposing skeleton body with spiders crawling inside and out.