Bridgerton for Halloween: Regency Gown Costume Dresses

Bridgerton was a breakout hit earlier this year for Netflix. Everyone was talking about the scandalous storylines, the outrageous characters, and the fabulous fashion. 

Bridgerton takes place in the Regency era, between 1813 and 1827. The period has a distinctive fashion style. 

Notably, women's dresses and gowns had high bodices, and the hair was kept long and worn up, or partially up, and/or in curls.

Men's suits included velvet high-low coats with plenty of buttons, and ruffled shirts. 

Copy the look of your favorite Bridgerton characters this Halloween with Regency-era style dresses, gowns, suits, and accessories.

1 White Regency-Style Costume Day Dress

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This is about as casual at it got in Regency fashion: a simple solid white dress with puffed sleeves and a simple sash belt. This costume dress comes in several colors to help you achieve different looks or for you and your friends to dress up as Bridgerton characters as a group.

2 Solid Fuschia High Bodice Costume Dress

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Here's another solid colored simple Regency-style empire-waist dress that would make a great start to a Bridgerton-inspired costume. This is a highly rated dress that Bridgerton fans love!

3 Empire Waist Costume Dress for Girls

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This dress in girl's sizing is marketed as a Hamilton-inspired, or Colonial-style look, but the high bodice empire waist with sash belt can work as a Regency-era outfit as well, though you might want to add tissue or other material to puff up those sleeves. This dress style also comes in white.

4 Dark Brown Stripes Long Sleeve Regency Gown

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This dark and dramatic long sleeve costume dress in the Regency style is especially perfect if you're looking for a warmer gown outfit for Halloween or a Bridgerton-style event.

5 Spiral Ringlet Costume Wig Piece for Regency Look

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This partial flowing ringlet hair-piece is not a full wig, but a great embellishment to your hair. Add on long golden brown ringlets to add authenticity to your Bridgerton costume look -- this color is perfect for dressing up as Daphne. The hairpiece comes in other colors as well. Light brown would work for Eloise; dark brown and black are also options to best match a variety of natural hair colors.

6 Upswept Powder White Costume Wig

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While this wig is marketed as a Marion Antoinette style hairpiece, the voluminous up-swept white hairdo would work well for a Bridgerton / Regency style costume. Use this magnificent white wig for your Queen Charlotte costume.

7 Blue Velvet Regency Style Men's Costume Coat

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This fabulous dark blue velvet costume coat for men is the perfect first piece for your Regency style costume. The coat features long tails in the back and decorative buttons in the front. 

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