Fun Halloween Jackolantern Mashup Interest Designs

Finding fun holiday mashup designs that combine the spooky side of Halloween with your own interests, hobbies, or job title is a unique way to share Halloween vibes. Show off your fandom or personal ideals along with these Halloween designs that use a traditional pumpkin jackolantern design as a base, each with their own twist.

Cat Lover Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Mashup Orange T-Shirt

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This design uses familiar features of a carved Halloween pumpkin. The triangle eyes and nose seem normal, but there's something interesting going on with the mouth -- it's a running or jumping cat! This fun cat mashup design for Halloween is perfect for cat lovers to wear on and around the spooky holiday season!

Halloween Pumpkin with Running Dachshund Black T-Shirt

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Here the familiar orange features of a cut-out jackolantern face feature a different mouth -- it's a wiener dog, a Dachshund, ready to celebrate Halloweenie! This is a cute one for dog lovers and especially anyone who loves doxies.

Funny Crocodile or Alligator Jackolantern Face Orange T-Shirt

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Cut-out triangle eyes and nose are accompanied by an unusual mouth shape -- this jackolantern has a alligator or crocodile as its smile! This fun jackolantern/crocodilian mashup design for Halloween is perfect for alligator lovers or crocodile lovers to wear on and around the spooky holiday season! Spread fun Halloween cheer and your love of crocodilians with this unique, simple Halloween-croc or Halloween-gator jack-o-lantern design! 

Jack-o-Lantern with T-Rex Dinosaur Funny Spooky Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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From a distance this jack-o-lantern inspired design might look like a typical carved out face with a spooky mouth -- but if you look closer you'll see that the mouth shape is actually a running T-Rex style dinosaur! This dinosaur Halloween shirt is great for dino fans to wear on and around Halloween!

Halloween Jackolantern Scuba Diver Mashup Orange T-Shirt

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This spooky Halloween t-shirt is perfect for scuba divers of all levels, from new C-card owners to dive instructors and everyone in between. The design uses the silhouette of a scuba diver as the mouth shape of a spooky Halloween jack-o-lantern.

Shark Lover Jack-o-Lantern Women's Black V-Neck Shirt

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This fun shark/jackolantern mashup design for Halloween is perfect for shark lovers to wear on and around the spooky holiday season! Spread fun Halloween cheer and your love of sharks with this unique, simple Halloween-shark jack-o-lantern design that uses a typographic shark shape instead of the carved-out mouth! It's perfect for everyone who loves sharks and anyone who works with or along side these amazing creatures

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern with Bird Mouth Funny Orange T-Shirt

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This unique design for bird lovers features typical carved out shapes you'd see in any normal Halloween pumpkin -- except for the mouth. The mouth is cut out in the shape of a bird -- a type of swift! This fun bird-lover/jack-o-lantern mashup design for Halloween is perfect for birders, birdwatchers, and bird lovers to wear on and around the spooky holiday season! 

Funny & Strange for Halloween: Floating Through Halloween Like a Hippie Ghost Sweatshirt

A funny vintage style illustration of a ghost with flowers and backed with a retro rainbow motif is captioned with a silly and funny phrase: Floating Through Halloween like a Hippie Ghost (in all caps). This silly design with its fun slogan for hippies makes a great...

This Is My Human Costume Easy & Funny Halloween T-Shirts

Keep it simple this Halloween with a funny text-based t-shirt with a silly message: "This is my human costume". The phrase is followed by a familiar refrain: "I'm really a...."  These funny and silly (sometimes absurd) easy Halloween costume t-shirts are great to wear on a casual work...

Easy Costume Idea: Printed Superhero T-Shirts

Get your Halloween costume started with a printed t-shirt inspired by a cinematic superhero. You can easily pair these costume t-shirts with other apparel pieces you already have in your closet, like solid-colored pants or tights. You can keep it even more casual by wearing any of these fun superhero t-shirts with a pair of jeans.

Classic Ant-Man Costume T-Shirt

Ant-Man will officially join the Marvel cinematic universe when the highly-anticipated movie starring Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly opens on July 17th. Get ready for the premiere with this t-shirt in the old-school style of classic Ant-Man comics.