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Five Easy Costume Accessories: Hero Sunglasses

Posted on 27 September 2018 in Top Lists

Feeling like a hero but not like going with a full face mask? These fun costume glasses all have mask-like elements without covering your lower face. Breathe easy, hero, Halloween is coming!

1Funny Clark Kent Alter Ego Sunglasses

This funny pair of sunglasses feature minimal tinting along with the signature look of Superman's alter ego -- his beautiful wavy black hair.

2Fun Captain America Costume Sunglasses

Go old-school Marvel style with this fun pair of sunglasses inspired by Cap's headpiece.

3Funny Batman Costume Sunglasses

There's no mistaking your identity with these fun sunglasses that feature the top part of the caped crusader's bat-shaped headpiece.

4Marvel's Ant-Man Costume Glasses

The top of Ant-Man's easily recognizable helmet appears above these costume glasses.

5Batman Nemesis Joker Costume Sunglasses

The spikey green hair and the pasty white skin of the Joker are featured on the top of these fun costume sunglasses.