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Cute Tutu + Accessories Animal Costumes for Little Girls

Posted on 23 September 2018 in Top Lists

These costumes for little girls are so cute! Each outfit comes with a fluffy tulle tutu, ears headband, costume gloves, costume tail accessory, and a matching bowtie. There are so many cute animal costumes to choose from! Get extras for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, dress-up play or theatrical productions.

Cute Bear Tutu and Costume Accessories

Be a bear! You'll get a tan tutu, bear paw gloves, bear ears headband, tail, and brown bow tie.

Cute Bunny Tutu and Costume Accessories

Be a bunny! You'll get a white tutu, rabbit's foot gloves, a fun headband with tall bunny ears, white bowtie, and a round white tail.

Cute Panda Tutu and Costume Accessories

Be a panda bear! You'll get a white tutu, cute black panda gloves, a panda ear headband, tail, and black bow tie.

Cute Zebra Tutu and Costume Accessories

You'll get a fluffy zebra print tutu pettiskirt, zebra foot gloves, zebra print tail and matching zebra print ears headband and bowtie.

Cute Chicken Tutu and Costume Accessories

Be a cute chicken! You'll get a yellow tutu, yellow gloves, a fun chicken face headband, yellow chicken tail, and matching yellow bow.

Cute Crocodile Tutu and Costume Accessories

Be a crocodile or an alligator! You'll get a green tutu, green costume gloves and tail, a fun green crocodile headband, and a matching green bow tie.

Cute Elephant Tutu and Costume Accessories

Be an elephant! You'll get a grey tutu, grey costume gloves, tail, and bow tie, plus a cute headband with oversized elephant ears.

Cute Frog Tutu and Costume Accessories

Ribbit! Be a frog! You'll get a green tutu, green frog gloves, a green bow tie, and a funny green headband with oversized frog eyes.

Cute Giraffe Tutu and Costume Accessories

Be a giraffe! You'll get a fluffy giraffe print tutu pettiskirt, giraffe print gloves, tail, and bowtie, and a great giraffe face headband.

Cute Dalmatian Tutu and Costume Accessories

Woof! Be a dalmatian! You'll get a white tutu, dalmatian-print paw gloves and tail, and a cute black and white headband with floppy dog ears.

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