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Baby Fleece Animal Rompers: Cute, Comfortable Kid Costume

Posted on 10 September 2019 in Animal Costumes

Dress up your little one for cooler weather Halloween fun in an adorable plush fleece costume romper! These totally cute warm onesies are one-piece hooded outfits with easy front button closure. Choose from three different animal styles to match your child's wishes or personality.

1Cute Plush Fleece Pink Bunny Costume Romper

This warm pink costume romper looks like a bunny or rabbit! The outfit has longer ears and white beneath the feetsies.

2Adorable White Sheep Plush Baby Romper Costume

Dress up your little one as a sheep in this white fleece romper. The onesie's attached hood has floppy sheep ears and the feet have brown bottoms.

3Baby Bear Fleece Costume Onesie for Toddlers

This light brown costume romper will have your baby looking like a little bear! The outfit's hood includes darling little bear ears.

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