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Adorable Swaddling Blanket Baby Costumes

Posted on 14 October 2019 in Top Lists

Keep your little sweetie warm, comfortable, and safe with these darling swaddling costumes made for babies. Each outfit includes a bodysuit and a matching swaddle blanket in the form of wings or other fun shape that makes the costume. Use these cute and functional matching outfits as an easy Halloween costume for your baby or use for photo shoots, social gatherings, or parties.

1Baby Bald Eagle Swaddle Halloween Costume

This cute outfit comes with a brown onesie to represent the eagle's body. The swaddle wings spread out under your baby or wrap around for comfort. The outfit comes with a Bald Eagle head hat. This one is fun for patriotic holidays and photo shoots as well.

2Cute Bunny Outfit with Carrot Swaddle Cloth

Dress up your little one like a bunny for Halloween! This one works great for Easter as well. This one comes with a sleeveless white bunny outfit with bunny ears hat. The swaddle blanket is an oversized carrot.

3Baby Hatching Bird & Egg Swaddle Costume

This cute outfit will have your little one hatching out of an egg! The onesie with matching hat is a little red chick and the swaddle cloth is an egg with a crack in it. So cute!

4Baby Bat Costume with Swaddle Wings Cloth

Your baby will be so cute going as a spooky bat for Halloween! The bat bodysuit is black with purple and comes with a matching hat. The swaddling blanket is also black and purple and is shaped like a bat's wings.

5Baby Butterfly Swaddle Halloween Costume

This cute baby costume transforms your child into a caterpillar and then into a butterfly! The costume comes with a striped sleeveless onesie, insect hat with antennae, and matching butterfly wings swaddle blanket.

6Funny Baby Dragon Onesie & Blanket Costume

Dress up your little one like a fierce dragon! The onesie and matching dragon headpiece are shades of dark and light green. Swaddle your baby in the wing-shaped blanket.

7Funny Spooky Vampire Wings Baby Costume

This cute Halloween costume for babies includes a onesie in the style of an old-fashioned vampire and a matching funny vampire hat complete with horns. The swaddle blanket looks like a vampire cape!

8Adorable Baby Football Player Costume

This is a cute costume for babies of football fans! The onesie outfit is like a football player uniform complete with adorable helmet-like hat. The set comes with a swaddling blanket that looks like a football field.

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