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Steampunk Colonial Cuffs & Tie Costume Accessories

Posted on 14 September 2019 in Accessories

This is a costume accessory set that includes a ruffled lace jabot neckpiece and matching cuffs. These unique accessory pieces can accentuate a wide variety of different styles of costume and dress.

These polyester costume accessories are made to fit most with velcro attachment. The jabot is an old-fashioned ruffled necktie accessory. Along with the matching wrist cuffs, these costume pieces can be used with colonial or Victorian style costumes, steampunk outfits, pirate costumes, and more. The set is shown here in white but may also be purchased in black.

Gun Metal Grillz Vampire Teeth

Posted on 11 September 2017 in Accessories
Transform into a Hip Hop vampire with this awesome set of metal teeth grillz. Pair this with a traditional vampire costume, hip hop outfit, or some spectacular mashup of the two, for a unique look this... More

Hilarious Two-Person Camel Costume

Posted on 28 September 2015
Dress up with your best bud this Halloween in this camel costume made for two! Who will get to be the head and who will get to be the hump? More

Fly Like a Bird this Halloween!

Posted on 2 October 2016 in Animal Costumes
Love birds? A lot of people do, and dressing up like a bird for Halloween is easy with a variety of different species to choose from and different styles of costumes and accessories. Here are some... More