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Set of 5 Different Elf Ear Costume Accessories

Posted on 22 September 2019 in Accessories

This is a fun set of different prosthetic ear accessories that can be used for a variety of costume choices. Get these for cosplay, Halloween, and other times you want to dress up!

With this purchase you'll get five different pairs of reuseable costume ear attachments. These can be used to enhance a wide variety of costumes or looks. They can been used for dressing up as a fairy, elf, goblin, vampire witch, alien, pixie, or other fantastic and fairy tale characters.

These costume elf ears are made of durable and soft, pliable material. The costume pieces can be used over and over and are easy and comfortable to wear. While they can be worn by almost everyone and all ear shapes, double-sided tape or eyelash glue can be used to make the ears more secure.

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Fun Referee Turkey Hat for Thanksgiving

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