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10 Funny Flip Up T-Shirts For Halloween and Beyond

Posted on 17 September 2018 in Top Lists

These funny flip-up shirts have a question printed on the front. The sentiment invites a question, the answer to which is printed on the inside of the shirt. Wait, what? The bellies of these funny shirts are meant to be flipped up over the head of the wearer to reveal the answer to the "Ask me about my..." question. These are funny to wear at Halloween for anyone who doesn't want to go "full costume". Check out the examples below.

1Funny Ask Me About My Corgi Flip Up T-Shirt

The front of the shirt reads "Ask Me About My Corgi". When asked, the answer can be revealed as a cute image of a corgi dog pulled over the head of the wearer. Get it?

2Funny Ask Me About My Giraffe Flip Up T-Shirt

Perfect for zookeepers, animal lovers, and very tall people.

3Cheeky Ask Me About My Cock Flip Up T-Shirt

This one is really funny. The answer is revealed to be a rooster! What were you thinking, sicko?

4Funny Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise Flip Up T-Shirt

This one is great -- the flipped-up version reveals a partially hidden ninja face!

5Funny Ask Me About My Llama Flip Up T-Shirt

This one is great for llama fans, yarn hoarders, and anyone looking to avoid drama.

6Funny Ask Me Why I'm Jawsome Flip Up T-Shirt

This shirt is flipped up to reveal an angry Great White Shark face.

7Funny Ask Me About My Boston Terrier Flip Up T-Shirt

You didn't think I was carrying around my Boston in my pocket, did you? No, instead, he's in my shirt!

8Funny Ask Me About My T-Rex Flip Up T-Shirt

This fun dinosaur-themed shirt comes in different colors, though the shown green is probably the best choice for traditionalists.

10Funny Ask Me Why I Like Full Moons Flip Up T-Shirt

This flipped-up shirt reveals just what you'd guess, an angry-looking werewolf.

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