Going Viral: Ebola Costume Ideas

Trendy "in the news" costumes are always popular, including offensive or insensitive topics. Right now, the Ebola outbreak is on everyone's mind. If this costume idea is "too soon" for you, look away now. But if you're looking to go as the hot topic this Halloween, here are some Ebola costume ideas.

1 Ebola Doctor Gone Wrong Kids Costume

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This scary doctor costume comes with a mask that didn't really seem to do its job. Creepy scrubs with holes, blood stains, and exposed ribcage and knee.

2 Ebola Hazmat Jumpsuit Costume Two-Pack

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Go as a pair of Ebola clean-up crew members with this hazmat hazardous waste jumpsuit two-pack. The coveralls in white inlcude a hood and elastic at wrist and ankle cuffs. The suits have a front zip closure. Add a face mask or respirator to add to the HAZMAT look.

3 Ebola Doctor Bloody Lab Coat

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Something went wrong in the lab -- this doctor coat is stained with blood. Coat costume includes stethoscope.

4 Bloody Ebola Doctor Accessory Set

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Pair this bloody set of doctor's accessories with your bloody lab coat for an authentic look.

5 Ebola Safety Coverall DuPont Tyvek Costume

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This coverall is made of lightweight Tyvek - goes over any outfit for all weather conditions. Pair this with a face respirator mask and you'll be all set.

6 Ebola Hazmat Face Respirator Mask

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Make your Ebola clean-up crew costume complete with this full hazmat respirator mask.

7 Ebola Emergency Room Doctor Gone Wrong Scrubs

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These authentic-looking scrubs have obvious blood stains on them. Includes teal shirt, pants, and hat.

8 Ebola Hazmat Gone Wrong Costume

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You'll need some fake blood to add authenticity to this costume. The hazmat suit has some serious problems, including various breaches and black staining. Comes with creepy infected face mask.

9 One Pint of Fake Blood for Ebola Costumes

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This bottle contains realistic fake blood to make any outfit into an "Ebola gone wrong" nightmare.

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