Brood X Periodical Cicadas Coming This Month!

Are you excited for the periodical cicadas to emerge this spring? 2021 will see the first emergence of Brood X, the 17-year cicadas that cover the greatest range of such periodic cicadas in the United States, since 2004. And we won't see (or hear!) insects from this large brood again until 2038. So this is a special event to be commemorated, especially across the 15 Eastern and Midwestern states that will experience the emergence. How about having some fun with the cicadas with these fun novelty items?

Holographic Insect Wings for Cicada Costume

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These fun insect wings are marketed for use as part of a bee costume, but the long, narrow shape and holographic, translucent wings work very well for a cicada, too. The wings are suitable for use by kids or adults; they are worn on the shoulders with adjustable, elastic straps. Pair these with a black skinsuit and maybe some DIY red bug eyes to make a more complete cicada look.

Set of 4 Model Cicada Bug Ornaments

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Get ready to give someone a laugh or a fright with this set of four realistic model cicadas. The little replica insects are made of clay and wire. While some of us will be seeing cicadas everywhere we go during parts of the spring and summer, this set of gag cicadas can be used to play pranks on your friends and family. These can also be used as part of a creative DIY costume! For example, you could buy multiple sets to make your own "walking plague" costume.

Light-Up Flashing LED Skeleton Gloves

If you're dressing up as a spooky skeleton for Halloween this year, you can't go wrong by adding this fun pair of skeleton gloves with LED lights that flash in different colors. These dazzling gloves are not only fun but the the added light is an added security feature.

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Fun 1980s Neon Costume Accessory Kit

The '80s are back! From themed costume fun runs to silly throwback parties, everything pop from the 1980s is making a comeback in the late 2010s. This awesome women's 1980s costume accessory kit is an easy way to get you started.