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Trending Donald Trump Costume Ideas

Posted on 16 September 2016

With the current political season taking up so much of our collective consiousness this fall, you know that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton costumes are going to be hot this year for Halloween. Here are some ideas to make your Donald Trump costume stand out.

1Suntanned Donald Trump Full Face Mask

Found in Accessories > Masks
There are a lot of different Trump masks from which to choose, but we like this one advertised as being a "suntanned" version. I think they get his unnatural orange color just right.

2Donald Trump Epic Combover Wig

Found in Accessories > Wigs
If you'd rather not wear the full Trump mask, you'll at least need to get the hair right. Here's our favorite wig of the most vexing hairstyle in politics.

3Make America Great Again Trump Hat

Found in Accessories
This trucker hat is another requisite accessory for any standard Donald Trump costume.

4Donald Trump's Tiny Hands

Found in Accessories
Everyone knows that Donald Trump has tiny hands. All the late night hosts say so. Pick these up and hide them up your suit sleeves for that authentic Donald Trump tiny hand look.

5Brick Wall Costume Suit

Wear this with your other Donald Trump accessories or team up with a buddy to be Trump and his wall. The suit comes with pants, jacket, and matching tie.

6Donald Trump's Basket of Deplorables

Add a basket like this one to your costume and slap on a label that reads DEPLORABLES. You're going as Trump and his supporters!

7In Putin We Trust T-Shirt

Switch out a traditional suit for this red Putin t-shirt. The caption reads "In Putin we trust" and I think it suits The Donald perfectly.