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Top 10 Couples Costumes

Posted on 4 October 2014 in Top Lists

It's fun to dress up for Halloween, and even more fun to dress up with someone else. In this list we share our top ten picks for couples Halloween costumes!

1Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Couples Costumes

You and your partner go together like PB&J... so why don't you go together as Peanut Butter & Jelly this Halloween?

2Spoon & Fork Funny Halloween Couples Costumes

These funny metal-look his-and-hers costumes will be a hit on the trick-or-treat trail! Perfect if your kids are planning on dressing up as food items themselves!

3Wine and Cheese Funny Halloween Couples Costumes

These two fun tunics are the perfect pairing for any Halloween couple! Costume set includes full foam wine bottle tunic and funny cheese outfit with oversized cheese knife.

4Funny Plug & Socket Couples Costumes for Halloween

These funny tunics will be sure to make your friends laugh this Halloween. Her outfit is an electic socket tunic, his costume is a three-dimensional two-prong plug with power cord.

5Bowling Ball & Bowling Pin Couple Halloween Costumes

This fun set of Halloween costumes for couples comes with two tunics: a round bowling ball costume for him, and a cute bowling pin dress with headband for her.

6Bacon & Eggs Funny Halloween His & Hers Costumes

This fun set will have your friends drooling with jealousy! A pair of tunics for each food item are unisex -- don't fight over who gets to be the meat candy!

7His & Hers Sailor Halloween Costumes

Spend Halloween with your first mate in this darling pair of Halloween costumes made for him and her. Each outfit comes with a sailor hat with anchor logo.

8Lox & Bagel Couples Halloween Costumes

Go as a pair of bagels with your significant other this Halloween! A pair of foam tunics are realistically printed as a sliced bagel with cream cheese and lox with onion.

9Cop & Robber Halloween Costumes for Couples

He's a police officer and she's a sexy incarcirated cartoon criminal in this fun Halloween costume pair for couples.

10Adam & Eve Birthday Suit Halloween Couples Costumes

You don't have to bare it all to go as the famous pair from the Garden of Eden this year -- get this fun set of "birthday suit" nude Adam & Eve costumes! Skin tone suits with strategically placed leaves.

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