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Thanos Costume and Cosplay Pieces

Posted on 19 May 2018 in Top Lists

Are you #TeamThanos? The arch enemy of the Avengers might play big in Infinity War, but he's not a villian to everyone. Wanna be like Thanos? Here are some fun costume pieces and cosplay ideas for dressing up like everyone's favorite Infinity Stone chaser. Find different quality and price points for clothing, masks, and, of course, gauntlets.

1Sublimated Print Thanos Tech T-Shirt

Found in Cosplay
This is a quick-dry performance style t-shirt with an all-over front and back print that looks like the vest Thanos wears. This is a fun shirt to wear for a hero race or an easy start to a Thanos costume.

2Quality Leather Thanos Costume Vest

Found in Cosplay
This is an awesome costume piece made of high quality leather stitched together in the Thanos vest style. The vest has detailing on the front and back and has a comfortable viscose lining.

3Thanos Cosplay Full Costume Outfit

Found in Cosplay
This is a complete outfit that includes Thanos' pants and armored vest. You'll also get a matching vest. Use this as a base along with a Thanos mask and Infinity Gauntlet for a great costume.

4Adult Complete Deluxe Thanos Costume

Found in Cosplay
This is an adult-sized costume that includes Thanos' outfit, mask and gauntlet in one purchase. The jumpsuit includes boot-tops and purple sleeves to mimic Thanos' skin tone.

5Deluxe Thanos Full Face Mask

Found in Cosplay
This is a quality molded latex mask of Thanos' wizened face inside his signature battle helmet.

6Comic-Style Thanos Mask

Found in Cosplay
Go for an old-school look with this comic book style Thanos mask. Thanos is wearing his stylish battle helmet.

7Latex Gauntlet with Movable Fingers

Found in Accessories
This is a comfortable supple latex golden glove with attached acrylic Infinity Stones already installed -- no intergalactic travel or epic space battles required.

8Deluxe Latex Gauntlet with Stones

Found in Accessories
This Infinity Stone gauntlet has a weathered look with metal-style details worthy of Eitri.

9Thanos Cosplay Infinity Gauntlet

Found in Accessories
Here's another Infinity Stone Gauntlet with a different look. The glove is made of latex and, like the other gauntlets, already includes the Infinity Stones.

10Thanos Fighting Infinity Gauntlet

Found in Accessories
This Infinity Gauntlet does not have moving fingers, so you know you'll be ready to fight with your gauntlet hand always in a fist.