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Stan Lee Costume Wig and Mustache

Posted on 6 October 2019 in Costumes for Men

Dress up as one of the most key figures in the entire Marvel Universe: creative mastermind Stan Lee. This old man grey man wig and mustache set is a great way to pay tribute to Stan Lee's genius and legacy.

Stan Lee, who passed away in late 2018, was not only the creative force behind the origin stories of many beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe and comic characters. He was also a featured cameo actor in so many blockbuster movies. His signature grey hair and mustache were unmistakable.

Start off your Stan Lee costume with this wig and mustache set. Add other accessories to complete your costume: a pair of lightly shaded aviator glasses, a light sweater over an Oxford shirt, and a pair of khakis should finish the look.

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