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Set of Inflatable Rock Music Instruments

Posted on 2 September 2019 in Accessories

Dressing up as a rock star or musician for Halloween or play time? Find the perfect accessory in this variety pack of inflatable toy musical instruments!

With this 22-piece set you'll get a variety of different inflatable musical instruments and accessories. Strum one of the 6 electric rock guitars, tickle the ivories on the modern keyboard, rock out with the old-fashioned boom box, put on one of the funny retro shade glasses and play the mock saxophone. The set also comes with six blow-up microphones and a hand pump to inflate all of the instruments.

These fun blow-up instruments are a perfect accessory for anyone dressing up as a singer, rock star, or other performer. Pull out the instruments for creative play at home -- put on a talent show or start singing your favorite songs.

Costumes Inspired by Coco For Halloween

Posted on 9 October 2018 in Top Lists
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