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Rain Poncho & Jacket Halloween Costumes

Posted on 15 April 2017 in Top Lists

Is there rain forecast for Halloween? Don't let the weather ruin your trick-or-treating fun! Or maybe you're looking for something fun to wear during the rainy season (you know what they say about April showers!). Either way, pick up a water-proof costume like the rain gear featured here. When your costume itself is your rain protection you can't go wrong!

1Batman Costume Rain Jacket for Toddlers

Does your kid want to go as a superhero this Halloween, but the forecast calls for rain? Don't let some precipitation spoil your kid's big day. This child-sized slicker will keep your trick-or-treater dry while going in Bat-style.

2Green Dinosaur Costume Poncho

Don't let rain spoil your chances at dressing up as a dinosaur for Halloween. This cute green unisex poncho has a pale belly and the hood includes dino eyes and fangs.

3Captain America Child's Rain Jacket

Here's another great superhero rain jacket that can double for a costume this rainy Halloween. The colors match Cap's, from the red and white stripes to the blue and white star shield.

4Pink Flower Poncho Costume

This cute poncho makes the wearer look like a flower! The ponch is green and the hood has a splay of pink flower petals that frame the wearer's face.

5Owl Rain Poncho Halloween Costume

You don't see a blue owl every day, but this unisex owl costume poncho is unmistakably a blue owl. The belly portion is white and the attached hood has forward-facing eyes, a yellow beak, and even a couple of "horns".

6Twister Game Rain Poncho Costume

This is a fun and affordable poncho that works as a last minute easy Halloween costume. Or is it a Halloween costume that doubles as a last-minute rain poncho?

7Iron Man Rain Jacket Costume

This fun costume-style rain jacket has a great added feature: a mask-style extension over the front of the hood! This mesh mask is detachable.

8Hooded Cow Rain Poncho Costume

This cool poncho includes a hood with cow eyes, ears, and little horns. The poncho has an appealing black and white Holstein cow pattern.

9Little Tiger Rain Poncho Costume

Rawr! This child-sized rain poncho has a black striped pattern on an orange background, transforming your little trick-or-treater into a fearsome big cat. The hood even has darling tiger ears, and the back features a printed tiger tail.

10Cute Pink Rabbit Rain Poncho Costume

This rain-proof costume is pretty cute. Dress up as a pink bunny rabbit and keep yourself dry during showers. The hood has a darling bunny face and cute little bunny ears.

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