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Wolverine from X-Men Foam Prop Claws

Posted on 4 September 2019 in Accessories

This is a great set of safe foam hand blades that are fun for adding to your Wolverine Halloween costume. The blades have a metallic look but are made of soft foam so they are safe for play, dress-up, or trick-or-treating.

With this purchase you'll get a set of two foam blade hand props that can be used to play a ninja or other action hero, including the X-Men's Wolverine character. The unisex foam claw hand accessories are made to fit most.

Set of Inflatable Rock Music Instruments

Posted on 2 September 2019 in Accessories

Dressing up as a rock star or musician for Halloween or play time? Find the perfect accessory in this variety pack of inflatable toy musical instruments!

With this 22-piece set you'll get a variety of different inflatable musical instruments and accessories. Strum one of the 6 electric rock guitars, tickle the ivories on the modern keyboard, rock out with the old-fashioned boom box, put on one of the funny retro shade glasses and play the mock saxophone. The set also comes with six blow-up microphones and a hand pump to inflate all of the instruments.

These fun blow-up instruments are a perfect accessory for anyone dressing up as a singer, rock star, or other performer. Pull out the instruments for creative play at home -- put on a talent show or start singing your favorite songs.

Plush Costume Wings for Halloween or Dress Up Play

Posted on 31 August 2019 in Accessories

These cute plush animal and insect wings are perfect accessories to add to a creature costume for Halloween or to use for creative dress-up play. The different sets of wings are made of lightweight plush material, comfortable for little ones to wear while trick-or-treating or during playtime. The wings attach using elastic bands. The total wingspan for each set of wings is about 24" long.

Storm Area 51 Event Attire Ideas

Posted on 10 August 2019 in Top Lists

Are you joining the millions of civilians headed to Area 51 to storm the facility and see them aliens on September 20, 2019? Find out the truth about what's going on at the enigmatic facility and get ready for your Naruto run with these funny costumes, t-shirts, and more.

Fun 1980s Neon Costume Accessory Kit

Posted on 20 July 2019 in Costumes for Women

The '80s are back! From themed costume fun runs to silly throwback parties, everything pop from the 1980s is making a comeback in the late 2010s. This awesome women's 1980s costume accessory kit is an easy way to get you started.

This 1980s accessory kit comes with neon style! You'll get a set of hot pink legwarmers, two long neon bead necklaces, and six jelly bracelets in three different neon colors. You'll also get early goth black style! The set includes four black jelly bracelets, a oversized black lace headband bow, and an awesome set of black fingerless fishnet gloves.

Add these awesome 1980s accessories to your costume to complete your decade of style look!