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Historical Amelia Earhart Kid's Costume

Posted on 2 October 2019 in Costumes for Girls

Dress up like the famed historical pilot Amelia Earhart with this kid's costume. This is a cute one for anyone interested in flying or standing out in a crowd this Halloween.

This cute old-school aviator costume includes a leather-look bomber jacket, jodhpur-style pants, an ivory scarf, and an aviator hat with flight goggles.

This fun air pilot costume is also great for school presentations or as a staple to have in your child's dress-up closet.

Going Viral: Ebola Costume Ideas

Posted on 18 October 2014 in Top Lists
Trendy "in the news" costumes are always popular, including offensive or insensitive topics. Right now, the Ebola outbreak is on everyone's mind. If this costume idea is "too soon" for you, look away now. But if... More