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Funny Retro Goonies Costumes

Posted on 26 September 2019 in Top Lists

The Goonies are at the heart of a current nostalgia trend by '80s kids. Have fun this Halloween dressing up as the gang that never says die. Here are some group costume ideas inspired by the Goonies.

1Chunk from the Goonies Kid's Costume

Wisecracker Chunk is an iconic character from The Goonies. This costume brings to life his familiar look. You'll get the floral shirt, red jacket, totally 80s pants, and Chunk's signature curly hair wig.

2Sloth from the Goonies Adult Costume

Dress up as lovable lug Sloth from the Goonies with this adult costume. You'll get a Hey You Guys shirt, red suspenders, and a full face mask to replicate Sloth's look.

3Mikey from the Goonies Adult Costume

Go as Sean Astin's character from the Goonies with this fun retro costume. You'll get his iconic yellow raincoat, plus a shirt and jean jacket to wear underneath. Accessories include a treasure map to One-Eye Willy's treasure, a doubloon, Goonies key, and wig.

4Data from the Goonies Adult Costume T-Shirt

This fun costume is a simple printed t-shirt inspired by the look of Jonathan Ke Quan's character Data. You'll look like you're carrying all of the needed accessories for a 1980s adventure without the bulk of actually toting around the stuff.

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