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Formal Pet Costumes for Summer Weddings

Posted on 30 June 2018 in Top Lists

Get your pooch ready for your summer wedding with a fun formal outfit. These are perfect for furry flower boys and girls, pet ring bearers, doggo best men, or canine maids of honor. They are also fun for pets attending weddings as guests.

1Classic Black Tuxedo Dog Shirt

This is a classic formal look for your pooch. The shirt is styled like a black tux jacket with tails (ha!) over a white shirt and black tie.

2Modern Look White Formal Dog Shirt

This dog shirt is a modern formal style that looks like a white jacket over a black shirt with a trendy red bow tie.

3Pink Formal Dog Costume Dress

This darling pet dress shirt in pink is perfect for female besties at a wedding or other formal event. The princess style dress has a fluffy layered skirt.

4Ring Bearer Black T-Shirt for Dogs

Keep your ring-bearer comfortable for his or her big moment with this simple black cotton doggie t-shirt. The black top has white trim, reads "Ring Bearer", and has a pretty satin ribbon for attaching the ring or rings.

5Formal-Style Black Jacket Dog Bandana

If your pooch would prefer to wear a bandana to a full shirt, this formal-style dog scarf is perfect! The bandana is styled like a black jacket with a white shirt underneath and a satin bowtie.

6Stylish Grey Dog Formal Outfit with Hat

This stylish tuxedo-style outfit for dogs includes fun accessories like a top hat and a matching leash. The darling suit shirt has a kerchief in the "breast pocket".

7Sparkly Bridesmaid Dress for Dogs

This is a fun golden colored formal dress for dogs. The bodice has sparkly sequins and the waist features oversized floral details and the skirt is poofy.

8Formal Pooch Accessories: Tie & Cuffs

This is an adorable set for your pooch if he or she won't be comfortable in a full t-shirt or dress. It's a doggie-sized collar with a black bow tie, and a set of two totally cute white cuffs with "cufflinks". It's great for weddings but also works if you want to turn pooch into a Chippendale dancer. ;)

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