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100% Cute Easter Bunny Baby Costume

Posted on 10 March 2015 in Infants & Toddlers Costumes

Easter Bunny outfits for adults tend toward the creepy, but baby costumes for Easter are another story! This cute grey bunny outfit for infants is a great example. Everyone will love your adorable little Easter Bunny and no one will have to suffer through sitting on a creepy lap for your photo session.

This is a darling zippered bodysuit. There is an attached fluffy bunny tail. This outfit comes with matching bunny feet slip-on booties and a hood with floppy bunny ears. You'll also get a plush orange carrot toy for baby to play with!

Adorable holiday baby outfits like this bunny suit are a fun way to make your Easter photo session extra memorable -- and super cute! Add some colorful eggs and a darling spring-colored basket and you'll have all the props you need. Easter will be celebrated on Sunday, April 5, 2015. Pick up this holiday baby costume today to be ready when it's time for the Easter Bunny to hop on over!

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