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10 Plush Adult Onesie Costumes from Bcozy

Posted on 10 October 2015 in Top Lists

Dress up for Halloween and keep cozy warm while wearing an adult-sized onesie from Bcozy! Wear as much or as little as you want under these comfortable and oversized one-piece outfits. Pull the animal hood up and bow your head for a complete transformation. The hood can fall back for safety or temperature regulation. These cute cuddly outfits are fun for cosplay or mascot work, as well as Halloween!

1Kangaroo Onesie

This cute adult-size one-piece outfit will transform the wearer into a pouch-bearing kangaroo! The costume includes a little baby kangaroo in the pouch.

2Turtle Onesie

This is a onesie you don't see every day. Cozies don't have to depict furry mammals, they can also represent cute little turtles! This green outfit has a yellow belly, yellow shell on the back, and cute turtle face hood.

3Giraffe Onesie

Become a giraffe with this cute onesie. The yellow and orange giraffe pattern covers the outfit, with a white belly. The giraffe face hood has horns and ears.

4Lion Onesie

This is a great onesie for Halloween or cosplay. The tan outfit has an orange belly. But this costume really stands out at the lion head hood, with its luxurious plush mane.

5Bald Eagle Onesie

Dress up as the symbol of the United States with this cute bird onesie. The fierce bird of prey outfit is brown with yellow at the feet and of course a white head with yellow beak.

6Hamster Onesie

Dress as one of the cutest and most popular pets out there, a furry little hamster! This outfit is tan-orange around the back and white across the front. The hamster head hood has a cute smiling face.

7Holstein Cow Onesie

Go bovine with this fun black and white cow onesie. This one-size-fits-all costume is cute for Halloween and holiday pageants.

8Flying Squirrel Onesie

This is darling! The onesie representing one of our soaring mammals comes with wings stretching between the hands and legs, just like a real flying squirrel!

9Polar Bear Onesie

Dress up as a symbol of climate change with this fluffy white one-piece outfit. The plush onesie is extra soft at the chest and shoulders.

10Rabbit or Bunny Onesie

This onesie for adults can do double duty as a Halloween costume and Easter Bunny outfit in the spring.

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